Rockford RFK4X 4 AWG Complete Amplifier Install Kit

● Rockford Fosgate Power Kits feature full AWG (American Wire Gauge)
● Battery PWR/GND Gauge – 4 AWG. Amplifier PWR/GND Gauge – 4 AWG. Fuse Type – MAXI. Speaker Wire Gauge – 16 AWG. Fuse Size – 100 Amp
● All brass parts are manufactured using the highest quality of standards
● All kits include the appropriate wire termination hardware
● 100% oxygen free copper


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Rockford RFK4X 4 AWG Complete Amplifier Install Kit


Includes Fused Dist

This amplifier kit includes fused distribution. It utilizes a stand-alone fuse holder that can be installed in a convenient place under the hood.

Includes Speaker Wire

This amplifier kit includes speaker wire. These cables connect the amplifier to the speakers.

Includes Speaker Wire

This amplifier kit includes power wire by including necessary cable for both B(+) and GND(-) connections. Additionally, amplifier kits include remote turn-on power wire

Includes RCA Cables

This amplifier kit includes RCA patch cables. These are the necessary cables used to transfer low-level signal from the source unit to the amplifier, typically located in the rear of the vehicle.


Kit Includes

17 feet of 4 AWG power wire, 3 feet of 4 AWG ground wire, 30 feet of 16 AWG speaker wire, (1) 16 feet twisted pair RCA, Maxi fuse holder and fuse, 20 feet of remote wire, 100 Amp fuse.


  • 100% Pure Crystal-Oxygen Free Copper (PC-OFC)
  • Includes appropriate wire termination hardware
  • 4 AWG (21.1mm²) 1,862 strands
  • 16 AWG (1.31mm²) 65 strands

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