Razer Sila: Gaming Grade Wifi Mesh Router


● RAZER FASTRACK: Prioritizes applications and devices for high-speed gaming and streaming
● MULTI-CHANNEL ZEROWAIT DFS TECHNOLOGY: For reliable, lag-free performance
● HYBRID WIRELESS MESH AND DEDICATED BACKHAUL CHANNEL: Widespread coverage with maximum performance
● APP AND SMART SOFTWARE SUPPORT: iOS and Android app with advanced features like guest network and security controls


7-10 Working Days

R6,499.00 R7,831.02 Inc. VAT

7-10 Working Days


From the manufacturer

Command Your Wifi

Razer Sila

You can truly optimize your network for the ultimate gaming experience. With features like Razer FasTrack and Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS Technology, you can run games at maximum speed while having your streams play smoothly at the same time.

Sila Sila

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Razer FasTrack

Select and prioritize your preferred apps and games, or devices like your mobile phone, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for top-notch gaming and streaming performance.

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Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS Technology

With independent radar-sensing hardware to grant you exclusive access into normally restricted bandwidth frequencies, you beat the crowd so you get fast and reliable WiFi, even during peak hours.

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Hybrid Wireless Mesh & Dedicated Backhaul

Add a second Razer Sila to enable mesh for extended coverage. A dedicated backhaul also ensures you have separate channels to enjoy your entertainment at maximum speed without halving throughput.

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Self-Optimizing Network & Swarm Intelligence

By scanning traffic and obtaining information from various frequencies, Razer Sila knows which channels to avoid—whether it’s real-time network disruptions or your neighbor’s nightly drama binge.

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Intelligent Active Steering

Razer Sila switches between channels, bands and nodes so you’re on a consistently fast network. A cloud-based learning algorithm adapts these steering mechanics to your environment for zero downtime.

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App & Smart Software Support

Get your router set up in minutes and discover all the built-in support features available. You can also unlock advanced features like guest network and security controls.

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Dedicate bandwidth for gaming instantly

Razer Fastrack – Gaming Mode

Keep things simple with Gaming Mode and instantly prioritize at least 30% bandwidth for all general gaming and streaming traffic.

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